Thursday, January 12, 2017

ESSA meeting update

The statewide Iowa  Department of Education meetings will start with a presentation of the first draft of the plan and how it was developed. At the end there should be an opportunity to speak.

Upcoming meetings will be held at:
Jan. 12, 2017 - Heartland AEA, Ames, 511 S. 17th St - Join by video conference 
Jan. 17th, 2017 - Mississippi Bend AEA, Clinton and Northwest AEA, LeMars.
Jan. 18th - Oelwein HS
Jan. 19th - AEA 267, Marshalltown
Feb. 2 - Prairie Lakes AEA, Pocahontas

Here are some things you might consider saying:

"Thank you for mentioning effective school library programs in the first draft of your ESSA plan.

"I and other school librarians hope that you will consider including effective school library programs - consisting of a certified teacher librarian, a paraprofessional assistant, and current, relevant materials – as one of your Accountability Systems Indicators in Section 4.1.A of your plan.

"Additionally, I would ask that you consider encouraging the use of school improvement funds to increase library staffing and keep school libraries open in the evening and through the summer months to promote academic engagement in a literacy-rich environment. This would help schools provide extended learning time for struggling students as required in Section 4.3B."

Also give a personal story or anecdote about how you and your library make a difference.

I would greatly appreciate you sharing with me what happens at the meeting, including how many people attend and what they speak about. You can email me at 

For more details on the statewide tour, check out this link.

Thanks again!

Becky  Johnson