Friday, February 10, 2017

Deadline to Comment on ESSA Draft Plan--FEBRUARY 15, 2017


The first draft of Iowa's Plan for implementation of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is available until February 15th for review and comment. I urge you to go look through the draft and make comments online regarding the role of teacher librarians and effective school library programs.

The fast way to do this is to go to the plan and search for all mentions of libraries and librarians and read what they have planned. Then go to the online survey to make specific comments. Director Wise recommended that when commenting about language that suggestions be made such as, "In section 4 on page 48, amend the language under ENVIRONMENT, Physical Environment to read, "The extent to which school facilities are adequate, [add]equitable, clean, and up to date."

I attended the ESSA meeting with Director Wise and Associate Director Tilly in Marshalltown, and listened to their explanations of the plan. I urge you to comment. 

Thanks to the work of Christine Sturgeon, Becky Johnson, Val Ehlers, Sarah Staudt, and others in our organization, our voice has been heard loud and clear. But we cannot afford to go quiet. 

The second draft is slated to appear in May. The final draft is due in September. Implementation will likely be 2018-19.