Iowa Teen Award

In March,  teens across Iowa take part in the nomination of books for the Iowa Teen Award.  These books are reviewed by the ITA committee and volunteer readers and the list is narrowed.  During the summer, the adult readers read and rate the titles.  The committee members finalize the list a year ahead of time.  

Iowa Teen Award Supports Library Core/Language Arts

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The 2016 ITA Winner is....



2015-2016 Iowa Teen Award Master List
2015-2016 bookmark

ITA Google DrivePrevious Winners, ITA Master List, Promotion, Supply Order List (includes book cover labels), Bookmarks, Ballots, Tally Sheet, Vote Counts, Summer Reading list for the 2017-2018 List.  

ITA Committee co-chairs 
Jenna Spiering
Susie Corbin-Muir