Outstanding School Library Award

Any and all applicants who successfully meet the requirements for this award will be presented a certificate and seals valid for 3 years. To be considered an Outstanding School Library Program, the application must be completed every three years.

A press-release will be sent to all local media outlets, notifying the area of the receipt of this award. Applicants will be should attend the IASL Spring Conference to receive the award with administration or school board members.

Applicants must complete the checklist below labeled "IASL Exemplary Award". In addition, applicants will need to complete the following questions using no more than 400 words per question.
  • Express what vision you hold for your library program and/or the relationship of the library with the school context (C-SIP).
  • List the four things that you are most proud of in the last 2 years.
  • Explain how you demonstrate that what you are doing in the school library has had an effect on student learning.

Apply here!  Applications are due by February 1 each year.

Recent Recipients of the Outstanding Library Program Award:


Kate Lechtenberg - Northview Middle School, Ankeny
Sue Cahill - Woodbury Elementary, Marshalltown
[ ]
Jen Shievert, Beth Belding, and Jill Hofmockel - West High, Iowa City

Beth Steffa - Anson Elemenntary, Marshalltown.
Sue Inhelder- Marshalltown High School, Marshalltown.
Erin Faas - Rogers Elementary, Marshalltown.

Left to Right:
Elizabeth Schau & Chelsea Sims, South East Junior High, Iowa City. 
Debra Dorzweiler, Penn Elementary, Iowa City.
Jenna Spiering, Northwest Junior High, Iowa City.
Cindy Kunde, Wickham Elementary, Iowa City.

Christine Tomlinson, North High, Sioux City