Legislative Action

Even though ILA Advocacy Day with state lawmakers was March 10th, you can still continue to contact your legislator about your crucial role as a Teacher Librarian. See below for tips and recommendations on how to make your letter stand out! I have included a sample letter as well.

  1. Include a brief description of your position and how long you have been in this position.

  2. Describe a normal school day.

  3. Provide details of your interactions with students, teachers, admin, support staff.

  4. Perhaps include an anecdote here about a unit you have collaborated with a teacher on recently, or maybe troubleshooting tech issues (likely daily).

  5. Have you formed a special relationship with a student who has gone on to achieve success and see himself or herself as a reader?

  6. How do you fulfill the 4 roles of librarianship each day? Each school year?

  7. How does the library program contribute to the overall success of students? Teachers? The school community?

  8. Discuss the evolving role of librarianship during COVID as it pertains to technology, online learning, etc.

Rules of thumb for your letter:

  • Keep it brief

  • Identify yourself

  • Get to the point

  • Relate the issue to home and constituents

  • Allow for follow up

  • Address the letter appropriately

  • Avoid informal language when emailing

  • Include your full address and zip code

Advocacy Example Letter.docx