Distinguished Advocate Award

Distinguished Advocate Award

The Iowa Association of School Librarians Distinguished Advocate Award is an award to a friend of teacher librarians who have made significant contributions to exemplary school library programs.


  • To honor those persons, who, through individual leadership and sustained effort have made worthy contributions to the concept of effective school library programs.
  • To recognize the responsible and influential role of friends of teacher librarians in developing successful school library programs.
  • To stimulate interest in planning, implementing and supporting the school library program which is essential to a meaningful educational system.


  • Effective interpretation of teacher librarian role to staff.
  • Leadership in instituting school library policies and practices which result in improvement of curriculum and classroom instruction.
  • Sustained effort toward worthy concepts of school or AEA library services.


Any friend of teacher librarians such as school administrators, AEA personnel, public librarians, parents, legislators, etc. that meet the above criteria.

Past Recipients

  • 2012 - Mike O'Leary, Principal of Hills Elementary, Hills, Iowa, Iowa City Community School District
  • 2010 - Jerry Arganbright, Principal of West High, Iowa City
  • 2008 - Jen Sigrist, Curriculum Facilitator of the Waukee School District for her work with Ankeny Schools
  • 2007 - Chris Kolarick, Principal of Lincoln Elementary, Iowa City