Overview of Awards

IASL promotes literacy and learning through the four levels of book awards.

Iowa students read a number of books within a category and then vote for their overall favorite book.

Reading lists and deadline information may be found on the Book Awards webpage; criteria for each category may be found on the specific award webpage.

Four awards recognize those individuals who help promote and mission and vision of IASL.

Three of the four mission awards are designed to honor current teacher librarians who are members of IASL; the fourth award , the "Distinguished Advocate Award," honors a member of the learning community who makes a significant contribution to the school library program.

To access information about each award, please click on the link below.

Contact Information

Awards Chair

  • The Awards Chair is a Board-level position, and oversees all the book and personal awards. Contact the IASL Board with any questions regarding any book or mission awards.

Committee Chairs

  • A separate committee and chairperson for each individual award oversees the process for nominations, the contest (if applicable), and supplies for that award. Please see each individual award page for contact information.
  • Timelines for all award submissions will be strictly adhered to. Please visit each individual page for specific information about an award.