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Action Alert - Wednesday, January 15, 2019

  • We are in need of your efforts once again to help advocate by sending email to BOEE Board member TODAY!
  • We were informed by our lobbyists that The Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) is Advancing with a rule change that would lessen the required hours needed to complete a TL endorsement as well as many other curricular areas. Now, they plan to consider the rule change in the BOEE THIS THURSDAY morning. Process wise, they would need to pass it and then advance it to the Legislature's Administrative Rules Committee (whose next meeting is in February).

In short, these are the concerns with the pending BOEE TL Endorsement Changes:

  • The new TL endorsement reduces the required hours for endorsement from 33 to 24.
  • It allows 12 of these 24 hours to be accessible via reading endorsement classes, meaning only 4 courses would be required librarianship courses.
  • Several other targeted groups including social sciences, language arts and others.


  • Send emails to BOEE of Educational Examiners who's email can be found HERE, they are compiled at the bottom of the doc for easy copy and paste.
  • Messages can be just a couple of sentences:
    • Mention the BOEE looking at changes to teacher librarian standards
    • Expresses concern about the effect those changes will make in the profession
      • For current TLs, the change would downgrade the value of their degrees
      • Iowa is a leader in education because of our highly qualified teachers
      • Teacher Librarian graduates will be less qualified and may be unprepared to take on the many roles and responsibilities of a teacher librarian which in turn will create lower quality library programs across the state
      • Librarians in smaller districts are already stretched to their max and putting less qualified graduates into these roles would be detrimental to these library programs.
    • Urges the BOEE to re-think this approach.

Please use your voice to advocate against this change for teacher librarian endorsement standards as well as the other curricular areas. Iowa is a leader in education for a reason and we need to maintain those high standards if we want to stay at the top.